Sunday, 30 June 2013

The old Retrochallenge

I hate giving up.

This is actually my second, arguably third Retrochallenge Summer 2013 (the other one didn't really get started).

The first attempt was an similar kind of thing to his based around a watch. This was based around a processor called the Sharp SM-510.

I really gave it all I could. But I just couldn't code with the thing. Everything - virtually everything - required huge amounts of code simply to do the simplest task.

Not that I minded that, but it required increasingly obscure tricks just to get it to do something that was relatively simple - even on a TMS1x00 or a COP4xx it would be a lot easier.

So in the end, I decided to abandon it in favour of this challenge.

I'd like to apologise to Dale for putting up with me continually changing my mind. I really did want to do the Watch thing but it is driving me almost literally round the bend.

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