Friday, 5 July 2013

Demo Game

The Demo Game for the Funtronics system is a hand held version of the famous British TV Quiz Game "Numberwang" (as seen here played by a famous British Policewoman).

Not only can you watch the game on your TV and play the board game you can now play it on your home computer.

It is a slightly cut down version, because it is difficult to fit all 37 books of rules into a microcontroller with 512 bytes of ROM memory (I did consider interfacing an SD RAM Card but it was too challenging).

Playing the game is simple. Download the emulator and the "Numberwang" game pack, and unzip both files. Put all the files in the same directory.

Run it with:

java -jar funem.jar numberwang.bin

then select Debug/Run on the menus and click on the Game window. To play the game, choose your number (from 1-8) by pressing the button (keys A-H on the keyboard) and it will tell you whether or not it is Numberwang by lighting the green or red LED at the bottom of the screen. You can also "rotate the board" for added realism (R key), and play it as a 2 or more player game by passing the game around between 2 or more players.

The game zip contains the source and the background SVG, the only files that are actually needed are numberwang.bin (program code and hardware description) and numberwang.png (the backdrop picture).

This is just a test game to check everything that works and that the "BIOS" file is useable. Creating this game took about 20 minutes, but 2-3 times as long was spent tweaking and bug fixing the BIOS. I still haven't cracked the sound yet, it warbles a fair bit :)

I am going away soon ; when I get back I will have a go at writing a "proper" game, probably one of the three original games, then have a go at writing a real original game.